Ergonomic Bike Seat "AEROELASTIC Saddle"

The revolutionary design of the bike seat

An ergonomic bike seat is not a luxury, it is a necessity to prevent unwanted health complications.
You cycle for prolonged intervals!
Do you use your bike for transport or for workouts and recreation?
Maybe you feel pressure in the groin area during or after a long bike ride?

If your answers are mostly positive – then the ergonomic seat for your bike is the best investment in your health.

Three good reasons why

AEROELASTIC Saddle - ergonomic bike seat

ergonomic bike seat structure

Revolutionary bike seat technology

Best results At the European Test for Conformity (EN test) over 200,000 times with a load of 120 kg.
ergonomic bike seat research

Forget the painful bike seat

Forget the painful seat and buy "EYES Saddle" ergonomic bike seat.
ergonomic bike seat

"AEROELASTIC Saddle" revolutionary design

Ergonomic bike seat prevent problems that standard seat can cause.
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ergonomic bike seat "AEROELASTIC Saddle"