Revolutionary bike seat concept

Forget the painful bicycle seat!!!

ergonomic bike seat concept

Ergonomic bike seat concept

Standard bike seat may cause problems for health!

What is the most important point for making and designing a bicycle seat?

The concept of an ergonomic bike seat is based on the key drawbacks of standard bike seats.
Standard bike seat during the cycling cause pressure on the groin area which is not area to support the body weight.

The hard bike seat causes pain in the ischial bone (pelvis area), while otherwise it facilitates pressure on the groove area. Soft bike seat alleviate the pressure on the ischial bone (pelvis area), while creating more pressure on the groove area.
Lower bike seat exerts more pressure on the groin area. In addition to the bigger pain in the area of ​​the groin in the future can cause: prostatitis, nerve pain, and stop blood flow.

What would be the optimal design for a bike seat that relieved the pain of both the bones and the groin? During the three-year development of the bike seat Company AEROELASTIC have fount the solution. Ergonomic bike seat EYES Saddle is soft at the same time and does not cause any pressure on the groove.