Ergonomic Bike Seat structure

Revolutionary bike seat structure for painless cycling

Ergonomic Bike seat structure - why is so importand

Ergonomic Bike Seat “AEROELASTIC Saddle” prevent problems that standard bike seat can cause.

A hard bike seat can cause pain at the sit area, while relieve pressure on the groin. A soft bike seat can cause pain on the groin,while relieving pressure in the sit area.

Choosing a bike seat is a very important thing.

In three-year period, we have develop an ergonomic bike seat “AEROELASTIC Saddle”, which is soft and does not cause any pressure on the groove and in the sit area.


ergonomic bike seat structure

Ergonomic Bike seat Structure contain 100% carbon fibers and reinforced plastic, wich achieve strength and light weight seat.
Bike seat is narrowed to the top to help climb and descend from the bicycle.

At the European Test for Conformity (EN test), Ergonomic bike seat AEROELASTIC Saddle has best results on the vibration test over 200,000 times with a load of 120 kg.


ergonomic bike seat structure
ergonomic bike seat structure

Ergonomic Bike seat structure contain two separate cushions with the front angle of 20 degrees, which provide the widest dimensions with respect to technical feature of standard bike seat.
Each cushion has a double layer structure:

  • up layer consist 30 mm thick low elastic urethane foam for comfortable seating
  • bottom layer is made of a 15 mm thick flexible urethane that ensure seat stability