Ergonomic bike seat

Standard bike seats can have fatal consequences for your health.

Ergonomic bike seat

The most comfortable ergonomic bicycle seats! – Existing bicycle seats, during bicycle driving, squeeze the area of ​​the groin which is not tolerant for the body. Hard bicycle seats cause pain in the trunk, while the overturned bicycle seats create pain in the groin area. In our three-year development period, we have successfully developed a bicycle seat known as the “eye saddle”. Our bicycle seat is soft and does not cause any pressure to the groove area.

Epoch-making bicycle seat – Our “Eye Seat”, with two seated seats and lower fronts, allows for a longer distance without physical discomfort. The body and rails of our bike seat are made of 100% carbon fibers and reinforced plastic that is light and very rigid.

The ergonomic bicycle seat helps to avoid the risk of sexual dysfunction. – Standard bicycle seats can have fatal consequences for your health. According to a 1997 survey carried out by the US Urology Association in Boston, 4.2% of male cyclists suffered from moderate to complete erectile dysfunction, as opposed to 1.2% of runners.

In addition, women who often spent many hours riding a bicycle have experienced “reduced sexual satisfaction” and, as is the case with men, it has been reported that they are also at risk of reduced sexual function.

EYES SADDLE bicycle seat

"EYES Saddle" bike seat is the right solution

Standard bike seat can create fatal consequences for your health.
EYES SADDLE bicycle seat structure

Revolutionary bike seat technology

The revolutionary bike seat technology prevents pain in the buttocks and groove area.
Pain bike seat research

Forget the painful bike seat

Forget the painful seat and buy EYES saddle bike seat.