Forget the painful bicycle seat!!!

EYES Saddle bike seat concept

A standard bike seat can cause serious effects on human health!

Standard bike seat tensile the area of ‚Äčthe groin which is not tolerant of the body. Harder bike seat causes pain on the sitting bones, while the too soft bike seat creates pain in the groin area.

A stronger bike seat is more burdened with truncated bones, causing severe pain, while pressure on the groin is relaxed. On the other hand, a softer bike seat relieves pain in the trunk bones.
However, the lower back part causes a stronger pressure on the front part of the seat to the groin area, causing even bigger pain and possibly prostatitis, nervous pain and slow blood circulation.

What would be the optimal bike seat design that relieves pain in the trunk and in the groove area?
It seems possible that the problem would be removed by removing the front part of the bike seat which is the most important for fast driving.
During our three-year development period, we have successfully developed a bike seat known as the “EYES Saddle”.
Our bike saddle is soft and does not cause any pressure on the groove area.